My treasured Nana (Annie) and my wonderful mother of ten (Loretto) were both a huge inspiration to me during my early years when they both taught me skills and knowledge to encourage me to have the passion and desire to design & create clothing as well as all sorts of other creative items.


Annie was a Tailor and taught me the need to have a garment that was as well made on the inside as on the outside! She would always check the workmanship of the inside of my creations as a young sewer thus instilling in me the need for excellent workmanship, if it was not good enough she certainly would let me know, " Suzanne that could be better", but her skills always came in handy when I was losing my cool because a sleeve would not sit properly! Her knowledge and ability to show me the best way to do tasks was so much appreciated.


Crochet was another particular art of my Nana's and also my mum's and their skills and knowledge was passed down to me along with knitting and many other hand working skills, embroidery also been a loved art.


When trying to establish a name for my business it took a great deal of time working through different ideas but one name always stuck and that was the name Annieché a combination of my love of my late Nana Annie and her meticulous crochet work. Hence the name Annieché. (pronounced Annieshay)


My husband and I have two boys and a daughter and when our three children were babies and toddlers I made a great deal of their clothing at a time when it was difficult to get unique clothing at a reasonable cost.

Today I am now a grandmother of a growing family, with seven wonderful grandchildren. I now have the desire to create some unique fashions for the little ones with a classical twist for the modern baby and to once again bring back my creativity and passion for design, fiber and workmanship.


I hope that my designs will be both unique and functional that can be handed down through your family as I strive for quality and workmanship. I preshrink the fabrics used(submerse in hot water which shrinks and confirms its colour fastness). I hand make all of the items myself, therefore creating, sometimes bespoke & unique items, but this does result in a limited supply. I use a variety of fabrics but do like 100% cotton, 100% merino or close to. Linen is a favourite and a product called ponte (rayon/polyester/spandex)as Ponte holds its shape, because the fabric is tightly woven. It travels well, doesn’t fade and is super comfortable.


I hope that you are fully satisfied with my products and your feedback is welcome as I am here to design, create and supply what you my customers want to purchase for your precious little ones.



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